Media and Press Releases


Acquiring Minds, hosted by Will Smith

Steve joins host Will Smith to discuss several lessons learned during his time searching for a single private company to acquire. Included among those lessons are the importance of humility for the entrepreneur, common myths about entrepreneurship, and the importance of maintaining a constructive relationship with ANY outgoing selling shareholders

A Dealmaker’s DNA, Hosted by Ilan Jacobson

Steve joins host and fellow entrepreneur Ilan Jacobson to exchange notes on the ways in which being an entrepreneur can impact your psychology and personal life, whether or not most entrepreneurs truly enjoy the freedom that they seek, and why it’s particularly important that entrepreneurs regularly practice introspection and reflection to ensure that they’re living the life that they want to be living.

Views from the Market: Midmarket M&A and Private Equity Podcast, hosted by Mario Nigro

Steve joins host Mario Nigro to discuss his journey from Private Equity investor to small business owner and CEO. Steve and Mario discuss the current state of the SMB M&A market in North America, the realities of the entrepreneurial journey, and how to think about introducing transformational changes to small and medium sized businesses

Acquisitions Anonymous, Hosted by Bill D’Alessandro, Mills Snell & Michael Girdley

Steve joins hosts Bill D’Alessandro, Mills Snell & Michael Girdley to evaluate two real technology companies currently on the market for sale. Their discussion covers valuation considerations, financial considerations unique to acquiring software companies, key metrics for potential buyers to evaluate, the importance of discussing value expectations with sellers as early as possible, and how to quickly evaluate deal “teasers”.

Top M&A Entrepreneurs, Hosted by Jon Stoddard

Steve joins host Jon Stoddard to discuss his path from Private Equity investor to small business CEO. Included in the discussion is an overview of Search Funds, what investors look for when contemplating investing in a search acquisition, and an account of several close calls that almost prevented Steve’s first acquisition from happening at all.

How2Exit, Hosted by Ronald Skelton

Steve joins host Ron Skelton to discuss entrepreneurship through acquisition, and specifically how search funds can provide acquisition entrepreneurs with the structure, guidance, capital and mentorship to maximize their chances of success to purchase and operate a healthy and vibrant company


Mineola Search Partners Announces the Launch of Fund I

FEBRUARY, 2022 (TORONTO, ONTARIO): Mineola Search Partners (“MSP”) announced today the launch of its inaugural fund, which will be investing in in Search Funds, the entrepreneurs who run them, and the businesses that they acquire.

Setting the Stage for More Homegrown Search Funds

Financial Post columnist Barry Critchley discusses the growth of Search Funds in Canada, and elaborates on how the model differs from both traditional private equity and SPACs


Lessons From my First Month as the CEO of a Newly Acquired Company

A recording of Steve’s livestream presentation, delivered through, where he discusses his first 30-100 days as the CEO of a newly acquired company. What’s your most important objective within the first 1-6 months? How to best manage the seller relationship? How to think about structuring the seller’s transition agreement? Tactically, how should you be spending your time in the first two weeks post-acquisition? And more!

The Acquisition Entrepreneur and Mental Health

A recording of Steve’s livestream presentation, delivered through, where he discusses: (1) The personal challenges often faced by acquisition entrepreneurs; (2) Lessons learned and mistakes made as both a Searcher and CEO as a result of dealing with said challenges; & (3) Tools, strategies, practices and rituals that anybody can use to ensure that your their journey within ETA is a sustainable and balanced one