Conscious Leadership with Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author Kaley Klemp

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Kaley Klemp is a highly sought after CEO coach, YPO forum facilitator, and best-selling author. In 2015, Kaley co-authored The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, a book that was met with instant critical and commercial success, and followed that up in 2021 with The 80/80 Marriage, a book about how to strengthen and build relationships between spouses using some of the tools, techniques and ideas that she had previously employed with her executive coaching clients.

Within the Young Presidents Organization (“YPO”), Kaley has facilitated retreats for more than 200 member and spouse forums throughout the world, and is a highly sought after speaker, recently having presented at Google alongside her husband, and with her TED Talk, “Stop Trying to Change”, racking up over 20 thousand views on YouTube.

Prior to her coaching, speaking, and facilitator roles, Kaley was a management consultant with Deloitte, and prior to that she was a student at Stanford University, where she earned a B.A. in International Relations and an M.A. in Sociology, with a focus on Organizational Behaviour.

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Conscious Leadership with Executive Coach and Best-Selling Author Kaley Klemp In The Trenches

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Questions Asked

Regulating Ourselves as Leaders
  • Where do most leaders tend to make most of their mistakes?
    • By going too fast or going too slow?
    • By overthinking problems or under-thinking problems?
    • By implementing too much change or not implementing enough change?
    • By being too direct or not direct enough?

  • Why do some leaders continue to mindlessly throw hours at their craft even if doing so doesn’t necessarily result in better outcomes?

  • How do leaders tend to be complicit in creating the conditions they say they don’t want?

  • Can you tell us about “The Upper Limit Problem“, and how you’ve seen it manifest with the CEOs with whom you’ve worked?

Disagreements & Dysfunction Within the Management Team
  • When mediating disagreements, you often have people switch roles and argue the other person’s point of view. Why is this an effective tool?

  • What are some of the more frequent causes of dysfunction at the leadership team level?

  • Please tell us about your “victim” persona, and how we should deal with members of our team who fit this archetype

  • Talk to us about the concept of explicit vs. weak commitments, and how we might practically put this observation to use on a day-to-day basis
  • Leaders often don’t know how much to share with their spouses, and spouses often don’t know to what extent they should inquire about the day-to-day pressures of their partner’s role. To what extent has this dynamic presented itself in your research?

  • It’s been said that we teach what we most need to learn ourselves. As you zoom out on your experience as a CEO coach, what are some of the most important things that you’ve learned about yourself?

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