Employee Burnout and The Great Resignation

My Guest My guest today is Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director of the Harvard Business School Case Research & Writing Group. Carin has spent decades writing cases on managers and leaders all over the world across a wide array of functions and industries. In 2019, alongside co-author John Quelch, Carin published Compassionate Management of Mental HealthContinue reading “Employee Burnout and The Great Resignation”

Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

Listen to This Blog Post Within your first-degree network alone, I suspect you know a large number of people who, at one time or another, have expressed a desire to pursue an entrepreneurial career path. Yet I also suspect that, of those people, only a small percentage of them have actually elected to take theContinue reading “Should You Become an Entrepreneur?”

Having Hard Conversations (Live Panel Discussion from 2022 MIT Sloan Search Fund Summit)

In this week’s episode, we discuss the importance of having difficult conversations, something that CEOs find themselves doing on a near-daily basis. We discuss three primary types of difficult conversations, including: Hard conversations around internal company dynamics (eg: terminations); Hard conversations about dynamics external to the company (eg: politics and global affairs); Difficult conversations thatContinue reading “Having Hard Conversations (Live Panel Discussion from 2022 MIT Sloan Search Fund Summit)”

A Leader’s Most Important Skill

Listen to This Blog Post Though effective leaders tend to possess a multitude of different skills and abilities, my experience as a CEO taught me that the most important skill for any leader to possess is that of clear and effective communication. Indeed, a CEO’s strategy is only as good as her ability to communicateContinue reading “A Leader’s Most Important Skill”

Quality of Earnings Analysis: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Business

My Guest My guest today is Chris Hutchinson, a Partner in Ernst & Young’s Transaction Advisory Services Group. Chris has over 15 years of experience advising clients on M&A, financings, valuation projects, and due diligence mandates, with a specific focus on private lower-middle-market businesses. Chris and his team have completed an untold number of QualityContinue reading “Quality of Earnings Analysis: What You Need to Know Before Buying a Business”

Lessons Learned in Capitalizing an Acquisition

Listen to This Blog Post Among the myriad variables that must be carefully considered when acquiring a business is the question of how the acquisition is going to be financed. My intent in the material that follows is not to cover the countless options available to acquirors stemming from this question (that wouldn’t be possibleContinue reading “Lessons Learned in Capitalizing an Acquisition”

Aaron Ross: Author of “Predictable Revenue” and “From Impossible to Inevitable”

My Guest Though Aaron Ross wears many hats, he is perhaps best known for co-authoring the global best seller Predictable Revenue, often referred to as “The Sales Bible of Silicon Valley,” which details an outbound prospecting system that’s created more than $1 billion across Salesforce.com and other companies. Most recently, Aaron published From Impossible toContinue reading “Aaron Ross: Author of “Predictable Revenue” and “From Impossible to Inevitable””

The Entrepreneur and the Spousal Relationship

Listen to This Blog Post It’s no secret that meaningful and fulfilling relationships require deliberate work, often require trade-offs to be made between partners, and possess more than their fair share of peaks and valleys. Though these realities are true of substantially all long-term relationships, they seem to be especially true in instances where oneContinue reading “The Entrepreneur and the Spousal Relationship”

Bob Pritchett: Author of “Fire Someone Today” and Founder & Executive Chairman of Faithlife Software

My Guest Bob Pritchett is a lifetime entrepreneur and CEO, having founded Logos Research Systems (later Logos Bible Software and now Faithlife) in 1992, and acting as its CEO for 30 years until recently assuming the role of Executive Chairman. During Bob’s tenure, Faithlife has grown both organically and inorganically from 2 employees to overContinue reading “Bob Pritchett: Author of “Fire Someone Today” and Founder & Executive Chairman of Faithlife Software”

The Working Capital Adjustment

Listen to This Blog Post In a previous blog post, Busting the Biggest Myth About Selling Your Business, we reviewed a number of fundamental facts related to the sale of any company that warrant being repeated here: The single biggest myth about selling a company is that the seller bears no further risk after theContinue reading “The Working Capital Adjustment”