When Search Funds Don’t Go As Planned (Part 1): 3 Searcher Case Studies

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If one were to attend a randomly selected group of Search Fund conferences, they’d be forgiven for thinking that every search fund is a smashing success. When I was both a searcher and a CEO, I often left these types of events with a certain sense of insecurity and self-doubt, as everybody seemed to be more successful, more confident in their abilities, and more decisive in their actions.

Yet, the data does not at all support the idea that everybody seems to be doing better than you are: One-third of search funds reliably fail to acquire a business, and of those that do, roughly one-third of them fail to return more than 1.0x the original capital.

Though there is obviously a time and a place to talk about and celebrate all of the wonderful success stories within the Search Fund community, there is also a tremendous amount of value in hearing from those whose paths did not go according to their original plans.

In today’s episode, we speak with four such entrepreneurs to not only learn from their hard-earned wisdom, but also to celebrate their courage and the wonderful professional successes that they’ve gone on to achieve since.

Parker Carney
President, H.E. Rieckelman Inc.

Jonathan Ferrari
Chairman & CEO, Goodfood

Neil Cuggy
President & COO, Goodfood

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