Employee Burnout and The Great Resignation

My Guest My guest today is Carin-Isabel Knoop, Executive Director of the Harvard Business School Case Research & Writing Group. Carin has spent decades writing cases on managers and leaders all over the world across a wide array of functions and industries. In 2019, alongside co-author John Quelch, Carin published Compassionate Management of Mental HealthContinue reading “Employee Burnout and The Great Resignation”

Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

Listen to This Blog Post Within your first-degree network alone, I suspect you know a large number of people who, at one time or another, have expressed a desire to pursue an entrepreneurial career path. Yet I also suspect that, of those people, only a small percentage of them have actually elected to take theContinue reading “Should You Become an Entrepreneur?”

The Realities of Managing Extremely Rapid Growth

My Guest Anthemos Georgiades (or Anth, for short), is the founder and CEO of Zumper, an apartment rental platform based out of San Francisco that he founded in his second year at Harvard Business School in 2012. If anybody knows anything about running a rapidly growing company, it’s Anth. Consider this: Despite being founded lessContinue reading “The Realities of Managing Extremely Rapid Growth”

Understanding and Managing The Psychological Toll of Being an Entrepreneur or CEO

My Guest Dr. Eliana Cohen is an entrepreneur and Clinical Psychologist who runs her own practice, integrating performance psychology, strategy, emotional intelligence, and knowledge of neuroplasticity and the brain to serve her various clients. She has worked with countless entrepreneurs, business owners, and CEOs in her practice, and is passionate about discussing the psychological realitiesContinue reading “Understanding and Managing The Psychological Toll of Being an Entrepreneur or CEO”