The Smallest Changes That Had the Largest Impacts: 4 CEO Case Studies

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This is a very special episode of In The Trenches: In today’s episode, I will be interviewing 4 different CEOs of 4 different SMBs, and asking them just a single question: “What are some of the seemingly small changes you’ve made that have had the largest impacts?”

When taking over a new business, new CEOs often speak of operational “low hanging fruit”, so I wanted to ask this same question to 4 different CEOs to learn more about just what this low hanging fruit is.

Each CEO that I’ll be speaking with today is at a different stage of their journey: Betsy, who I’ll begin the episode with, is still in her first year in the CEO seat. Sheret, our next leader, has been CEO of his company for ~2 years. Robin Kovitz has been leading her company for ~8 years, and finally Adrian, our final CEO, ran his company for ~7 years before a successful exit to a strategic acquiror in 2019.

Does growth and success tend to result from a large number of seemingly small changes, or a small number or larger changes? That’s what we’ll endeavor to answer today, informed by 4 CEOs at very different stages of their respective journeys.

Betsy Harbison
CEO, Softrip

Sheret Ross
CEO, CarData

Robin Kovitz
CEO, Baskits

Adrian Bartha
Former CEO, eCompliance

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Questions Asked

“What are some of the seemingly small changes you’ve made that have had the largest impacts?”

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