Should You Become an Entrepreneur?

Listen to This Blog Post Within your first-degree network alone, I suspect you know a large number of people who, at one time or another, have expressed a desire to pursue an entrepreneurial career path. Yet I also suspect that, of those people, only a small percentage of them have actually elected to take theContinue reading “Should You Become an Entrepreneur?”

The Entrepreneur and the Spousal Relationship

Listen to This Blog Post It’s no secret that meaningful and fulfilling relationships require deliberate work, often require trade-offs to be made between partners, and possess more than their fair share of peaks and valleys. Though these realities are true of substantially all long-term relationships, they seem to be especially true in instances where oneContinue reading “The Entrepreneur and the Spousal Relationship”

Implementing a Formal Operating System Like EOS or the Rockefeller Habits

Listen to this Blog Post Throughout recent history, there has been substantial growth in the number of companies who have decided to implement formal “operating systems” to govern certain strategic and operational decisions within their businesses. Though there are many operating systems in existence today, two of the most widely used systems are EOS (theContinue reading “Implementing a Formal Operating System Like EOS or the Rockefeller Habits”

The Realities of Managing Extremely Rapid Growth

My Guest Anthemos Georgiades (or Anth, for short), is the founder and CEO of Zumper, an apartment rental platform based out of San Francisco that he founded in his second year at Harvard Business School in 2012. If anybody knows anything about running a rapidly growing company, it’s Anth. Consider this: Despite being founded lessContinue reading “The Realities of Managing Extremely Rapid Growth”

Why Your Company Needs a Set of Core Values (or Why Yours May Not be Having an Impact)

Listen To This Blog Post Particularly in my early years as a CEO, I couldn’t help but roll my eyes whenever somebody suggested that I needed to codify and publish a set of core values for my company. Weren’t core values the tired, hollow, and meaningless platitudes that companies created simply because they felt theyContinue reading “Why Your Company Needs a Set of Core Values (or Why Yours May Not be Having an Impact)”

Hiring Your Senior Leadership Team

Listen to This Blog Post: There is no single recipe for building a great company, nor is there a definitive formula for becoming a truly effective leader. Anything that you hear or read that suggests otherwise should be treated with a high level of skepticism. Even among the world’s most successful and admired CEOs, thereContinue reading “Hiring Your Senior Leadership Team”